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What is the civil law?

Civil law is the system of principles and rules governing relations and establishes legal links of citizens in their private lives. In this sense, civil law studies stipulate the attributes of natural and legal persons. Legal structure gives the family and heritage and regulates relations between individuals.
Such relationships can be personal or patrimonial, voluntary or mandatory nature. It may involve private or public, both natural and legal.

It is the common law that handles regulations relating to special media such as commercial law, finance, labor, etc.
It is contrary to public law and differs from the ecclesiastical, military, and political law.

The civil law arises in Rome, where it is already distinguished from public law. It focuses rather on matters of public interest, such as the organization of the city. The private law, however, was in charge to govern a particular interest, i.e. the rights of citizens within the city.

Civil law and its content

  • Civil rights

It includes the recognition of the existence of the person from birth to death, their legal capacity, and the particular attributes of personality (marital status, address, nationality, etc.).

  • Family law

Civil law also regulates the legal consequences of family relationships, whether arising from kinship or marriage.

  • Real law

It regulates the right things or property. For example, legal relations of individuals with objects or things, such as property. Within it, as regards their acquisition, possession, and possession.

  • Inheritance Law

It regulates the legal effects of the death of a natural person and, consequently, that relating to the transfer of their property and rights to third parties.

  • Law of obligations

The one that regulates all matters relating to the property legal relations, i.e., facts, legal acts and transactions, and, therefore, its consequences and effects.

  • Liability Law

The law regulates the obligations incumbent upon a person to indemnify another person or persons for damages

  • Intellectual rights

The regulate relates to intellectual property rights, i.e., the product creations of the mind: artworks, inventions, technologies, symbols, names, images, and other categories of marketable intellectual products.

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